Internal Audit Reports


(a) Report availability: As of 1 June 2013, internal audit reports issued by the Office of Internal Oversight Services are available 30 days following issuance of the report.

(b) Implementation rates of recommendations

The attached spreadsheet provides critical and important recommendation implementation rates for each of the final audit reports posted on the website (as of the most recent quarterly follow-up exercise).

Implementation rates (last updated: November 2023)

Issue Date Entity Report Number Report Title Avail Date No. of Important Recommendations No. of Critical Recommendations Report/Available Date Confidentiality
28 May 2015 DM 2015/047 Audit of the closure of the guaranteed maximum price contract for the renovation of the United Nations Secretariat building 28 June 2015 2 0 PDF icon Download (265.43 KB) Non Confidential
20 November 2015 DM 2015/143 Advisory engagement related to the Office of Human Resources Management’s strengthening of the new design of internal controls over selected human resources transactions 21 December 2015 0 0 PDF icon Download (111.78 KB) Non Confidential
23 August 2013 DM 2013/069 Audit of the process for determining locally recruited staff salary scales at non-Headquarters duty stations 23 September 2013 8 0 PDF icon Download (1.19 MB) Non Confidential
26 June 2014 DM 2014/051 Audit of the process of reporting cases of fraud or presumptive fraud in financial statements 28 July 2014 4 0 PDF icon Download (109.39 KB) Non Confidential
18 September 2013 DM 2013/073 Audit of the maintenance and building services provided by the Office of Central Support Services at Headquarters 18 October 2013 7 0 PDF icon Download (164.23 KB) Non Confidential
16 June 2015 DM 2015/051 Audit of the administration and management of the health insurance scheme at United Nations Headquarters 17 July 2015 3 3 PDF icon Download (143.15 KB) Non Confidential
17 April 2014 DM 2014/021 Audit of the procurement, administration and management of freight forwarding contracts by the Department of Management in support of peacekeeping operations 19 May 2014 0 0 PDF icon Download (336.95 KB) Non Confidential
14 June 2018 DM, DESA 2018/058 Audit of the management of the regular programme of technical cooperation 15 July 2018 6 0 PDF icon Download (668.32 KB) Non Confidential
22 March 2016 DM, DFS 2016/023 Review of recurrent issues in the implementation of Umoja in field missions 22 April 2016 2 0 PDF icon Download (257.71 KB) Non Confidential
13 November 2014 DM, DFS 2014/110 Audit of the acquisition and implementation of an Electronic Fuel Management System at the United Nations Secretariat 15 December 2014 3 1 PDF icon Download (162.7 KB) Non Confidential