Internal Audit Reports


(a) Report availability: As of 1 June 2013, internal audit reports issued by the Office of Internal Oversight Services are available 30 days following issuance of the report.

(b) Implementation rates of recommendations

The attached spreadsheet provides critical and important recommendation implementation rates for each of the final audit reports posted on the website (as of the most recent quarterly follow-up exercise).

Implementation rates (last updated: November 2023)

Issue Date Entity Report Number Report Title Avail Date No. of Important Recommendations No. of Critical Recommendations Report/Available Date Confidentiality
31 December 2020 MINUSCA 2020/063 Audit of the operations of the Bouar Field Office in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic 31 January 2021 7 0 PDF icon Download (1.19 MB) Non Confidential
15 December 2014 UNIFIL 2014/132 Audit of procurement activities in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon 14 January 2015 5 0 PDF icon Download (246.88 KB) Non Confidential
29 April 2016 DESA 2016/037 Audit of the management of the public administrative and development management subprogramme and related technical cooperation projects in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs 30 May 2016 1 0 PDF icon Download (163.94 KB) Non Confidential
27 October 2017 UNON 2017/109 Audit of education grant disbursement at the United Nations Office at Nairobi, the United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme 27 November 2017 14 0 PDF icon Download (420.04 KB) Non Confidential
26 June 2019 UNAMI 2019/055 Audit of the strategic communications programme in the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq 27 July 2019 4 0 PDF icon Download (370.48 KB) Non Confidential
16 December 2013 ITC 2013/124 Audit of the preparedness of the International Trade Centre to comply with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards on property, plant, equipment and inventory 15 January 2014 0 0 PDF icon Download (130.07 KB) Non Confidential
06 April 2022 DMSPC, DOS 2022/008 Audit of business intelligence and data warehouse systems in the United Nations Secretariat 07 May 2022 10 0 PDF icon Download (618.03 KB) Non Confidential
14 July 2015 DPKO, DFS 2015/069 Audit of the pre-deployment process for uniformed personnel by the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support 14 August 2015 7 0 PDF icon Download (196.49 KB) Non Confidential
25 May 2018 UNHCR 2018/048 Advisory review of the implementation of risk management and control responsibilities of functions considered part of the second line of defence at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 25 June 2018 0 0 PDF icon Download (224.19 KB) Non Confidential
31 December 2019 DPO 2019/152 Audit of the monitoring and evaluation mechanism in the United Nations Mine Action Service 31 January 2020 14 0 PDF icon Download (670.32 KB) Non Confidential