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Issue Date Entity Report No Report Title Avail Date Report/Available Date Confidentiality
Feb 29 2024 DESA IED-24-005 Triennial review of the evaluation of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs 31 March 2024 31 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 29 2024 OSAA, ECA, DGC IED-24-004 Triennial review of the evaluation of United Nations support for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development provided by programme 9 through OSAA, ECA, DGC 31 March 2024 31 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 28 2024 IRMCT IED-23-014 Evaluation of the methods and work of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals 30 March 2024 30 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 22 2024 UNSOM, UNSOS 2024/006 Audit of the safety and security of national staff in the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) 22 February 2024 22 February 2024 Confidential
Feb 21 2024 MINUSMA 2024/005 Audit of the security of United Nations personnel and premises during the drawdown period in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali 21 February 2024 21 February 2024 Confidential
Feb 12 2024 DMSPC, DESA, UNCTAD, UN-Habitat, UNODC, OHCHR, OCHA, ECA, ESCAP, ECE, ECLAC, ESCWA IED-23-007 Evaluation of the Regular Programme for Technical Cooperation (RPTC) 14 March 2024 14 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 12 2024 UNFCCC 2024/004 Audit of information and communications technology governance, operations, security and project implementation at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 14 March 2024 14 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 9 2024 DOS, DPO 2024/003 Audit of acquisition of aviation services in United Nations peace operations 11 March 2024 11 March 2024 Non Confidential
Feb 7 2024 ECA, ECE, ECLAC, ESCWA IED-24-002 Synthesis Review of Evaluation Results for Regional Economic Commissions – Contributions to Economic Development 09 March 2024 09 March 2024 Non Confidential
Jan 29 2024 UNMISS A/78/742 Evaluation of the UNMISS contribution to the strengthening the rule of law and accountability in South Sudan 29 January 2024 PDF icon Download (580.14 KB) Non Confidential