Internal Audit Reports


(a) Report availability: As of 1 June 2013, internal audit reports issued by the Office of Internal Oversight Services are available 30 days following issuance of the report.

(b) Implementation rates of recommendations

The attached spreadsheet provides critical and important recommendation implementation rates for each of the final audit reports posted on the website (as of the most recent quarterly follow-up exercise).

Implementation rates (last updated: November 2022)

Issue Date Entity Report Number Report Title Avail Date No. of Important Recommendations No. of Critical Recommendations Report/Available Date Confidentiality
20 June 2013 DM-CMP 2013/054 Audit of management of the Capital Master Plan staff reduction strategy 22 July 2013 1 0 PDF icon Download (94.89 KB) Non Confidential
19 June 2013 UNEP 2013/053 Audit of the management of the ecosystem sub-programme in the United Nations Environment Programme 19 July 2013 2 0 PDF icon Download (116.7 KB) Non Confidential
14 June 2013 UNHCR 2013/052 Audit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees security budget management 15 July 2013 3 0 PDF icon Download (305.5 KB) Non Confidential
13 June 2013 ESCAP 2013/051 Audit of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 15 July 2013 6 0 PDF icon Download (133.56 KB) Non Confidential