Coordination with other UN entities


OIOS coordinates regularly with other UN oversight entities, including the Board of Auditors and the Joint Inspection Unit, to ensure that potential duplications and overlaps in the conduct of oversight work are avoided and to minimize gaps in oversight coverage.   Aside from sharing workplans, the Office holds bimonthly meetings with the Board of Auditors to discuss issues of mutual interest and meets with the Joint Inspection Unit on an ad hoc basis when issues arise. Annually, senior representatives from these entities take part in a tripartite meeting to discuss, inter alia, oversight coordination across the UN System. 

OIOS recognizes the value and importance of fostering relationships with its functional peers, sharing expertise amongst entities that are part of the larger United Nations family.

OIOS professionals in audit, evaluation and investigations are actively engaged in a number of United Nations system-wide fora, including:

  • Representatives of Internal Audit Services of the United Nations Organizations and Multilateral Financial Institutions (RIAS)
  • United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) 
  • Interpol Group of Experts on Corruption (IGEC)
  • International Group for Anti-Corruption Coordination (IGAC)
  • United Nations Representatives of Investigation Services (UNRIS)


OIOS interacts with three audit committees; UN Independent Audit Advisory Committee, UNHCR Independent Audit and Oversight Committee and Pension Board Audit Committee.  These Committees provide advice on various issues related to OIOS work plans, budget proposals, effectiveness, efficiency and impact.